“Makertjej” LED Charm V2


Designed by Erik Cederberg

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This is a redrawn and updated version of the LED Charm posted by jcnbee: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/led-charm
It is used on events with the network “Makertjej” (translated “Maker Girls”), Tutorial (in swedish) at: http://www.makertjej.se/ljushangen/
It has been optimized to print on the UM2 with the Olsson Block and a 0.8mm RSB nozzle and a single wall, it requires very custom Cura settings (attached under “documents”, use Cura 15.04 and “Open Profile”) since we more or less are tricking the cura engine in multiple ways to perform a faster print 🙂
Right now (2015-10-18) the latest version of the “body” part is V11, and the latest version of the “top” part is V9

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