Steam Punk 3D Goggles


Steam Punk Goggles by JasonWelsh

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Safety in mind with a touch of steampunk design, this is the base unit that you can add new fittings to using the rivet holes.   I’ll make some attachments but feel free to go nuts for now.   They are very universal fitting my 5 yr old daughter or myself just fine.  

You’ll need to cut your own lens I use Plexy Glass and a laser cutter.  Lenses are 45mm diameter.  
.5 in elastic can be found at your local crafting supply store in the sewing isle.  

You can use 3mm PLA for the rivets instead of M3 screws.  

The eye cups get glued to the glass frames using super glue — important to do that step before putting the lens in or the fumes might white up.     Let dry before wearing or the super fumes will hurt super bad near your eyes.   After it is dry you can wear them forever ;)…

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